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AICAT 6557


It is important to read and understand these terms and conditions befote using our services. By accessing or using the same, you agree to be legally bound by these conditions and any changes that may be in the future.

Please, note that some properties have different policies regardind payment methods, minimum ages requirements, entry and departure schudeles, rules of behavior, etc..

Our Company  acts as a mediator between the users of our site and accommodation. By using our services and make a reservation,  the contractual relationship estabilshed between the users / customers and the owner of the  property.

 RENT & SALE is solely responsable for the operation of the website. The information regarding the accommodation advertised on the website is provided and update from time by the proper owners of the accommodation and provision of free users.

The property owner will be responsable for any complaints they may recive from customers and accommodation in question,  and the operation and quality of its services, facilities, etc., so that customers in appropriate, should address their complaints to the quarry owners.

 RENT & SALE provides quality control on the services provided by the owners to the customers of theis seats, by a Surrey alter the user / client has enjoyed the property for the purpose of obtaining information of minimal quality, accuracy and truthfullness of that inform and engañe the owners to enter your property on our website.

The use of the services contained on the website de RENT & SALE  constitutes acceptance of the user in a matter of the following conditions:

  1. The user declares that he is an adult (over 18) and has legal capacity to contract the services offered by the ACCOMMODATION.

  2. All accepted bookings from our website are also subject to yhe conditions of the owners of each ACCOMMODATIONS.

  3. These terms and conditions have been translated into English but in case of dispute, the Spanish version.

  4. The accommodations are rented a minimum of 3 nigts in low Seaton and a half, and a minimum 7 nights in high Seat.

  5. The rates chargedare base don the ability of property in any case for many people.

  6. It is strictly forbidden  to use the property for a number of passengers than stated on the reservation, more accupants will be admited anly if the property had capacity, with the Express permission of  RENT & SALE and alter paying the corresponding increase.


    Depending on the time of arrival, the customer can collect the keys to the property, make the payment and receive additional information at our office located on the street Sant Bartomeu nº 16, local 1, Sitges (15:00 hs a 20:00 hs) ; or in the accommodation.

    For it is in the same accommodation, the client must call 30 minutes before arrival at its destination, the contact person designated to coordinate the entry.

    Upon arrival at the accommodation must be paid to the person to contac the remaining balance set out in the booking confirmation, in cash. Failure to deliver such quantities on arrival, you can not occupy the accommodation.


    CHECK IN: from 16:00 hs to 20:00 hs  / + 30€ after 20:00 hs / + 50€ after 23:00 hs

    The check out  must be befote 11 am. If it is necessary to leave later, please inform us the day befote and try to please as long as there is no entry for that property that dey. In the case of extending th estay later than the 14 hours shall be considere dan extra night, so you must pay the amount.

    The client must vacate the accommodation colledted, free of  debris and the keys on the table.  

    1. Respect the property and its contents.

    2. Respect the rest of neighbors, especially at night (21:00 pm to 9:00 am and 15:00 to 16:30 pm).

    3. Respect the common areas of the property and always leave the Doors from the street closed.

    4.  Leaving the air conditioning and lights off whenever leaving the property.

    5. Do not forget the keys inside the property or in the door.

    6. Respect the rules of the homeowners, especially those that have swimming pool or Sports facilities.


       From the 1st of November 2012, the Catalán Government will apply a tourist tax to all the tourists who will spend a night in any housing in Catalonia. The amount of the fees will always be applied according to current regulations. As a guideline, the tourist tax to pay shall have the following conditions:

  • Acommodation in Barcelona city: the rate will 2,25€ per person, per night.
  • Acommodation in the rest of Catalonia, the rate will be 0,99€ per person, per night.
  • The amount of the fee will applied to each night of stay until a maximum of seven (7) nights.
  • Children under 16 are exempt from the tourist rate.
  • Fees must be paid in cash during the check-in al the accommodation.