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AICAT 6557


Conditions for Homeowners

1.- The undersigned claims to be the rightful owner of the property.

2.- The owner gives to Sitges RENT & SALE, which accepts, the exploitation rights of the estate.

3.- Sitges RENT & SALE billed directly to the tenant for rent and services related to housing whose holding is transferred.

4.- Sitges REN & SALE renter customer request 25% of the total rental amount for the reservation of the property referred to, which is the equivalent to the commission of the agency (25%), this committee includes service check in / out and housing development on the web and in different browsers and partners.

5.- Sitges RENT & SALE will arrange to check in / out, cleaning, laundry and / or emergency repairs, as long as the owner does not stipulate otherwise and designates another person.

6.- Net income for the owner in either season, including VAT, will be set by the owner to enter the property on the web. Unless deemed stays longer, in which case the owner will be asked, via email, a special rate.

7.- The ability of the property shall be as specified by the owner.

8.- The owner will receive the rental amount (in euros) after the tenant has entered the property.

9.- Sitges RENT & SALE retain the tenant a security deposit, which is stipulated by the owner, this deposit may be in cash or by credit card.

10.- The owner is committed to maintaining updated schedules to avoid over booking, if it could happen any for not having updated the calendars, the responsibility lies with the owner who must bear the costs that this led.

11.- In the event of any cancellation, the owner shall receive from Sitges RENT & SALE, 50% of the fee paid by the client hirer as booking the property, minus the VAT.

12.- The costs which are caused by consumption of water, electricity, gas, community, property taxes levied shall be borne by the owner, likewise, maintenance and home repairs for their preservation.

13.- Sitges RENT & SALE, the Owner will send, via mail, a copy of all confirmed reservations, as customer information and interested in your property it news of interest to the success of the negotiation.

14.- Sitges RENT & SALE, not responsible for accidents or major property damage, so we recommend liability insurance and public liability.

Data Protection: According to the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), Sitges RENT & SALE incorporate the personal data that are provided for the reservation and apartments to a file owned and managed will Sitges RENT & SALE, residing at Sitges Sant Bartomeu Street No 16, local 1. 8 (08870). The purpose of the collection and processing of personal data will be managing online reservation service of renting of alojamientos.Cuando users online hire car booking the accommodation, Sitges RENT & SALE necessarily must communicate personal data user of the property involved in the execution of the rental agreement for the purpose of housing that can be formalized and compliance with the reservation made by the user and can be pursued management and processing of the product ordered. Podránm users exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding the processing of data by Sitges RENT & SALE by writing enclosing a photocopy of ID or proof of your identity by sending an email to:    info@sitgesrentandsale. com